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Conveniently located in Fort Worth, Texas, Autism Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality, affordable 1:1 ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and diagnostic evaluations for individuals with autism or related developmental disorders. Our autism therapy center offers an array of services for our clients in the DFW metroplex. Services include direct 1:1 ABA therapy, as well as autism, ADHD, and full psychological evaluations and diagnostics. We provide small group social skills training, in-school observations, school and private consultations, functional behavior assessments, positive behavior intervention plans, and parent training. We also offer workshops, advocacy, support groups and referrals.

Dr. Harrings, our Licensed Psychologist, provides autism evaluations and diagnostics using the ADOS-2, the gold standard evidence-based autism evaluation protocol. Dr. Harrings provides a full array of psychological services, including evaluations for autism, ADHD, intellectual disability, and general psychological evaluations and diagnostics for any mental health concerns. Services are provided from birth to geriatric ages.

After evaluating an individual’s unique strengths and areas of needed improvement, Dr. Harrings provides useful recommendations in a full psychological report which address important communication, behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and functional skills.  Any relevant diagnostic renderings will be provided within the psychological or autism evaluation report. We strive to provide timely appointment and turn-around times on psychological, ADHD, and autism evaluations and reports.

Our Fort Worth autism treatment center integrates principles of Applied Behavior Analysis designed to increase desired, appropriate behaviors while decreasing non-appropriate behaviors. We utilize positive reinforcement based upon an individual’s unique interests to encourage motivation and generalization across environments. ABA is the evidenced-based treatment shown to provide the greatest improvements in persons with autism and is recommended as such by the Surgeon General of the United States.  Fully-funded insurance plans in Texas and numerous other states are required to provide coverage for ABA for children with autism.  In addition, any part of the day a child with autism misses school to attend ABA therapy is considered an excused-absence.  Parent training  is a fundamental component of our program. We are in-network providers with most major insurances. Please contact us at (817) 573-0708 to discuss your needs.